FIRE RESTRICTIONS: - Fire Season terminated as of September 26, 2019
FIRE RESTRICTIONS: - Regulated Closure terminated as of September 16, 2019
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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

1620 Road Fire Update

[Parkdale, Ore.]  Firefighters on the 1620 Road Fire were challenged Tuesday by moderate winds, steep terrain, and thick fuels.  The fire was held within its existing footprint using air resources to drop water and retardant to check fire growth supporting the ground crews.  The combined fire acreage is 85 acres with 20% containment and 10% control.
The original fire is fully lined by roads and dozer line.  Yesterday firefighters completed “plumbing” this portion of the fire.  Plumbing includes assembling fire hose around the fire perimeter to be used for mop-up.  Mop-up for this part of the fire will begin today, firefighters will methodically work through the fire looking for heat and flames to limit any potential for the fire to spread or move outside the fireline.     
Today crews will be continuing construction of handline around the spotfire to the east.  Constructing fireline in these areas is an arduous process due to the difficult terrain and fuels.  Firefighters are continuing to secure portions of the fire and strengthening the existing lines.  Variation in fuel conditions within the fire perimeter is resulting in unburned vegetation inside the line.  This unburned fuel makes suppression more difficult as the firefighters work through focusing on open flame and heat.
A Type 3 organization from Central Oregon Fire Management Service is managing the fire.  Resources on the fire include hand crews, fire engines, dozers, and excavators.  Heavy air tankers, fireboss scoopers, a Type 1 helicopter and a Type 2 helicopter are available as needed.
The weather for today includes the possibility of thunderstorms with strong gusty winds over the fire area, with a chance of wetting rain.  Lightning and the associated stormy conditions may cause aircraft to be grounded until the storm passes.  Specific resources assigned to the fire have been pre-identified to support initial attack within the area around the fire if these storms cause any new fire starts.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.
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