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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Year brings changes to leadership in central Oregon for ODF

David Jacobs, Recently retired Unit Forester in The Dalles Unit
[The Dalles, Ore.]  In December, David Jacobs, Central Oregon District’s (COD) long time Unit Forester in The Dalles, retired after thirty-five fire seasons with the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF).  Many landowners and cooperators don’t remember a time when David wasn’t an integral part of the wildfire protection program. Throughout his tenure David has provided leadership during intense and difficult fire seasons, participated on ODF’s Incident Management Teams statewide, and worked with landowners on complex forestry issues in Wasco and Hood River counties.  David will be missed by his “COD Family”. 
Kristin Dodd, Unit Forester in The Dalles Unit.
Kristin Dodd will fill The Dalles Unit Forester postion vacated by David’s retirement.  Kristin is a familiar face to many, having been COD’s Assistant District Forester and most recently Unit Forester in the Prineville-Sisters Unit.  The quick smile and enthusiasm for her job will draw many to Kristin, but her dedication, attention to detail, and highly developed skills will be what folks remember.  Kristin has worked for ODF since 1998, and in COD for the last  eight plus years.  Since starting with ODF Kristin has worked on a forest practices monitoring crew, been a Stewardship Forester, served short term in various positions in State Lands, Salem Staff, and other roles in the agency, in addition to her Unit Forester and Assistant District Forester experience here in COD.  She is also a a  member of ODF Incident Management Team 3.  Kristin is excited to make The Dalles her home with her husband John.

Gordon Foster, new Prineville-Sisters Unit Forester
[Prineville, Ore.]  Gordon Foster was selected as the new Prineville-Sisters Unit Forester.  Gordon’s diverse background includes working as a Forestry Aid, Forest Officer, Assistant Center Manager at Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center, engine crew member, and protection supervisor, recently celebrating twenty-five years with ODF.  He has been COD’s Prineville Wildland Fire Supervisor since 2003, and is currently a member of Central Oregon’s Interagency Incident Management Team. As Prineville Wildland Fire Supervisor Gordon has built great relationships with landowners and cooperators in the Prineville-Sisters Unit and those will continue to serve him well as Unit Forester.


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