FIRE RESTRICTIONS: - Fire Season in effect as of June 1, 2018
FIRE RESTRICTIONS: - Regulated Closure in effect as of June 29, 2018 - Modified July 20, 2018
MH1 and MH4 IFPL: - IFPL 3 as of July 16, 2018

Friday, August 12, 2016

MH-4 in The Dalles Unit moves to IFPL 3

This morning MH-4 in The Dalles Unit moves to IFPL 3.

A level 3 will mainly affect:

-Hot saws are shut down at 1pm and must have an area observer and additional equipment and/or water close by.  If using a hot saw please read the attached document (Hot saw req.pdf) AND call me to discuss.  Our agency has discussed the idea of restricting hot saws altogether during a level 3, however we have decided that IF the precautions outlined in the attachment are followed closely we can prevent most fire starts; or in the event of a fire, the operator will have the necessary equipment to quickly suppress it.  In addition to the minimum restrictions and requirements, operators may want to think about voluntary precautions for hot saws on their specific operation. 

-Chain saws are not allowed to work in the unit.  Chain saws may be used at landing sites until 1 pm.
-Ground-based equipment is allowed to work until 1pm IF there is a machine with blade close by capable of constructing fire line.
-Gravity cable systems are allowed until 1pm.  Motorized carriage operations are not allowed.
-All operations are shutdown at 1pm
-There is a 3 hour fir watch in a level 3

On occasion, a waiver to the restrictions imposed by a level 3 may be considered.  Before calling ODF to discuss a waiver please do the following:

1-Perform a self-inspection on your operation to assure all fire tools, water, and equipment are up-to-speed.

2-Perform a fire drill with employees.  Items to discuss: make sure water wagon is unlocked during operations and during fire watch; discuss what fire watch will do and who (and how) they will call for help; make sure all employees know how to operate water wagon; make sure hitches are compatible with water wagon; if waiver is issued truck must be hooked up to water wagon regardless of how many gallons in wagon, both during operations and fire watch period.  

3-Move water wagon as close as practicable to your equipment.

4-Be prepared to suggest additional prevention and/or suppression measures such as building dozer line around unit, providing more water or multiple water wagons, firing up water wagon each morning, having 2 workers as a fire watch, have fire watch camp out on or near the job site etc.

5-Call Chet Behling(541-296-4626) for an inspection, if one hasn't been done already on your specific job site.

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